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Ethical Consumer conference Sep 25th

31 Aug 2015

Ethical Consumer magazine have assembled an array of excellent speakers, all leading ethical thinkers, movers and shakers, to share their thoughts and perspectives. Together they'll help develop our thinking on how producers, retailers and consumers need to evolve to meet the...

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Latest TTIP news

16 Jul 2015

Last week the European Parliament had a vote on TTIP which went in favour of the corporate deal. Luckily it wasn't a binding agreement, but still it gives an idea of how things might go. Global Justice Now said: 'All but one of the British Labour members of the European parliament (MEPs)...

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Help expose MEP's over TTIP votes

25 May 2015

This week MEP's had a chance to vote against one of the most worrying parts of the TTIP trade deal - the ISDS that would give corporations the right to sue goverments in secret courts. Pressure group 38 Degrees want to put ads in local newspapers across the country, showing how MEP's....

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