TTIP threatens small food producers

18 Jan 2016

A new German study looks at how TTIP could add more pressure to already disadvantaged small farmers. 

'any agreement must ensure that those who profit are not those with lower standards, or those who externalize their costs by harming the environment, the poor, or future generations. CETA and TTIP deliver the opposite', says the chairman of the German Association of Organic Farmers, Food Processors and Traders.

'TTIP will endanger regional supply chains, if competition increases' said a baker from Berlin, and 'TTIP would make it more difficult to clearly label GM products'.

More info. A webinar on food and farming will be running on Thursday 21st January, 4-5.30pm:

Webinar: Regulatory Cooperation, Food and Farming

4:00  Technical introduction

4:05  For newcomers: Introduction to Regulatory Cooperation (Lucile Falgueyrac, Seattle to Brussels Network)

4:10  Introduction: Regulatory cooperation and food safety; example: GMOs and pesticides 
(Mute Schimpf, Friends of the Earth Europe)

4:25 Hormones, antibiotics, cloning - How TTIP negotiators are targeting regulations in the meat sector
(Sharon Treat, independent consultant)

4:40 Regulatory cooperation and animal welfare
(Shefali Sharma, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)

Discussion, Q&A

Please follow this link for registration: