What is a Wholefood Shop?

Well, it's a shop that sells wholefoods! (ie close to their whole state, such as nuts, seeds and pulses, or wholemeal rice as opposed to white rice that has had the outer layers, and nutrients, removed) But whereas many shops including supermarkets sell some wholefoods, they wouldn't be defined as a wholefood shop. Wholefood shops (sometimes known as Health Food Shops) are usually inspired by their ethical principles more than the profit motive, conscious of the impact of the choices we make, and wanting to provide wholesome options that are good for people and the planet.

Other than wholefoods, some of the characteristics you will find in most wholefood shops include:

  • eco-household and bodycare products that are not tested on animals
  • food brands you won't find in supermarkets, from smaller, more ethically driven companies
  • a range of alternatives for people trying to reduce or avoid eating animal products
  • a community atmosphere, and flyers where you can find out about other 'alternative' things 
  • a focus on organic and fair-trade products
  • locally made real bread, and savouries to take away
  • a lovely smell from all those natural healthy foods!