As it launched, Whole Food Action initiated an awareness raising stunt about the GM crops being pushed into our food system. From Sep 16th-Oct 16th 2014 we saw the words GMO OMG! spelt out large in many ways across the UK. 

GM food has been pushed into our food via animal feed and cooking oils used in catering, and in 2015 a new EU law was agreed that could fast-track the growing of GM crops in the UK.  We have to keep the debate alive!

See for more info.

Like the Soil Association, 'We support practical innovation that addresses real needs, is genuinely sustainable and puts farmers in control of their livelihoods', whereas 'GM drives out and destroys the systems that international scientists agree we need to feed the world'.

We called on all organisations or individuals concerned with protecting GM-free food and farming, environment and wildlife, health, and resisting further corporatisation of the food system, to take part...

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See the Soil Association's 'Seven Sins of GM' infographic, check the press release, poster, flyer and links below, and  contact us if you want to get involved in the ongoing campaign on GM cooking oil in the catering industry.

How to set up a stunt in your area
  1. Get together a group of people to organise your stunt - who would be most interested in your area?
  2. Decide what you want to do - brainstorm ideas in your group, and agree a time and location.
  3. Publicise your event - set up your own facebook event, tweet with the #gmoomg! hashtag, and tell us, and we can send you flyers to distribute!
  4. Make a plan - make sure you have what you need to spell out the letters, and people to flyer and take photos on the day. You could practise what you'll say to passers by and how to answer challenging questions.
  5. Tell your local media - you can use our model press release below or just phone up your local paper and radio.
  6. Do the stunt! - Hand out your flyers so people know what it's about, and get photos for the media and to inspire others. You could do the GMfreME visual petition, promote local GM-free projects, or have a mailing list for new people to stay in touch with your group. Make sure you debrief with your group afterwards somewhere sociable. :)
  7. Follow up - post your photos and report back on our facebook event page. If you collected emails, send people pictures and news of any upcoming related events. Send your best photos to the local media too. 

Any questions? Contact us

Model press release

Adapt and send this template out before your stunt if you want to invite local media, or after to send them your own photos.

Poster to display

Download (portrait)   Download (landscape)

Flyer (to order a bundle for an event please contact us)

Download here  A5 version - 2-to a page.

Soil Association GM briefing

In brief, the position of the Soil Association, who campaign for organic food and farming.

Download here

Hungry Corporations 

This book demonstrates the 'alarming level of control over the food chain' gained by a handful of companies. Although published in 2003, it is still a useful reference.

Read online

GMO Myths and Truths report

Second edition, released May 2014. An evidence-based examination of GMO claims.

Read online

Securing Future Food report

UK Food Group briefing, including comparison of GM and agroecological approaches.

See summary

Genetic Engineering Network, Genewatch, and GMEducation

To stay up to date with the latest news follow GenEngNetwork on Twitter.

For monitoring and critique see Genewatch and GMEducation