Hands On

There are lots of practical ways to support food sovereignty - relocalising food in an ecological way, valuing food providers, and building knowledge and skills to conserve and develop local food production - here are just a few ideas for voluntary hands-on food action:

Harvesting, cooking and growing

  • Attend or start a People's Kitchen - as far as we know there are PK's in Manchester, Derby, Wirksworth, Nottingham, Glossop, Hackney and Brixton. Or see if there is a FoodCycle hub in your area. Both are a good way to meet other people and work together to provide healthy food usually in the form of a weekly or monthly community meal, cooked by volunteers, free or for a donation.
  • Consider a working weekend or longer stay with a WWOOF host (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) - to join there is an annual fee but you can preview hosts by region to get an idea what's out there.