Are you interested in establishing a new wholefood shop or co-op?

Wholefood shops are businesses to be proud of, and they have huge potential. They can provide communities with honest, healthy food that’s sourced in a way that supports workers, animals and the environment. They can be hubs in the community; sharing knowledge about food and trade issues and promoting likeminded campaigns and events. They’re friendly places, where staff know their customers and care about the local area. They’re often co-operatives, owned and run by their workers.

They form an important part of a growing network of markets, food buying groups, CSA’s, independent high street traders, farm shops etc. that together, provide a genuine alternative to shopping at the supermarket. They are also lovely friendly places to work!

But, it’s not easy work getting one established. It will involve many months of very hard work, much of it probably unpaid. Setting up a new business can also be really stressful and isolating. So, if you are interested in establishing a new wholefood shop or co-operative, we want to help.

In this section of the website you will find case studies, contacts and lots of resources to help get you started. Several existing shops have already contributed to this part of the site (and we’re hoping more will do so), with a shared belief in supporting new independent shops with similar visions.

Existing Shops:  If you have resources or info you’re happy to share, please get in touch!